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About Us

Minnesota Digerati

Minnesota Digerati, Inc. delivers business applications on-demand with minimal investment.

Our clients achieve new levels of business agility, are confident that enterprise information is accessed securely, and improve the productivity of their employees. All while saving money in information technology installation and annual support costs.

We offer our clients a centralized cohesive working environment allowing geographically distant companies and branch offices to work together, sharing company documents, calendars, and client information.

We provide business applications on secure, state-of-the-art servers. Minnesota Digerati Inc. is responsible for maintaining and updating software, managing the network, and providing round-the-clock reliable access to your applications.

When you choose Minnesota Digerati as your technology partner, you not only get all the benefits of hosted workspace, but you also have a technology partner focused on your business. We are continuously searching the technology market for solutions that will benefit our members.

We focus on your technology so you can focus on your business!

Hosting Facility

Minnesota Digerati understands the importance of maintaining a secure and scalable infrastructure for you. Our co-location hosting facility in St Paul, Minnesota provides a state of the art environment for your hosted system.

  • Physically secure server room that includes 24-hour guarded access
  • Climate controlled environment with fire-suppression safety system
  • Secure access with 128-bit software encryption
  • 7 x 24 x 365 Virus protection
  • Secure Firewall Protection and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) where needed
  • Switched network for data protection
  • Dual 1 Million VA generators
  • Dual server power connections on separate paths
  • Fire detection sensors above and below raised floor
  • Vacuum seal created in data center room when fire is detected
  • Highly targeted dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Optional full back-up data center in Minneapolis
  • Multiple upstream providers via DS3 circuits

Let Minnesota Digerati be the technology team in your corner, searching for the best solution for you.